What is VesOPS?

VesOPS´ Mission

VesOPS helps ship owners and operators to comply with the emissions requirements of vessels by decision support on fuel efficiency through data analysis while reducing the operating costs.

VesOPS delivers services through a software product that provides transparent solutions to stakeholders within the shipping industry.

VesOPS provides an overview of a fleet of ships’ GHG emissions and provides decision support to users both on land and on board with the goal of reducing the emissions through improvements of the ships’ designs and by optimizing their operations. The improvements are documented in a dynamic web solution available to all stakeholders such as owners, operators, ship crews and authorities.

VesOPS´ Vision

The vision behind VesOPS is to help shipowners and operators in their work to comply with the new emissions requirements for shipping, while at the same time reducing their operating costs. We believe that change is needed in the shipping industry. By reducing the emissions from shipping, it is possible to lower the shipping industries impact on the climate which benefits the environment both locally and globally.

By doing this, we take a step in the direction of a better and more sustainable future of the shipping industry.

The VesOPS team


The team behind VesOPS has great experience in vessel operations, advanced data analyses and software development. The people on our team are wisely selected to secure that VesOPS gives you the highest quality in data analyses and software development. Our team consist of people who all wants to deliver sustainable performance services software to the Shipping World.

On our team we have a group of IT professionals and data scientists are working with the company to develop and enhance the advanced software that we use for the operational analyses.

We also have a team of ship design specialists connected to the VesOPS in order to develop and build the advanced digital twin models that are the foundation of the software.

We are ready to help you improve your vessels performance and comply with the new 2023 rules on carbon emissions, ship design and operations.

VesOPS      Østre Havnevej 2, 4. sal      DK-5700 Svendborg      +45 2939 2960      info@vesops.dk