Welcome to VesOPS

Connect to the vessels sensors and get an online access to your vessels operational data.
Access the analyses of your vessels data through a web interface.
Take the right decisions and optimize fleet operations.

Online overview

VesOPS operates with online sensor data to provide a continuous update on your vessel operations. Get a more precise analysis of your vessels actual condition and detect any issues instantly. Predict future events and get decision support on operations optimization.
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Analyses and benchmarks

Get a precise performance analysis from sensor data. Extract fuel tables for different vessel conditions. Keep track of you charter contract compliance and predict future conditions. Control you carbon footprint and CII and make your vessel attractive in the market. Benchmark towards your fleet and towards similar type vessels in the world fleet.
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Decision support

Predict future events and operations based on the advanced analysis techniques in VesOPS. Match your vessels actual conditions to operational profiles for better utilization of your fleet. use VesOPS to control actual performance and use the software for target settings to improve the energy efficiency of future operations.
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